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Τhe Special Interest Group D.EL.EXO. aims to foster an international forum for scientific mobility, collaboration, critical reflection and discussion of research and policy related to the teaching of Greek worldwide.

Many people and adults around the world routinely study Greek in a range of educational settings (community-based schools and institutions, universities, private tutoring to mention a few). Since 2010, their numbers have significantly increased as a result of new migration flows fueled by the Greek government debt crisis. The increased interest in the teaching of Greek worldwide has spurred a number of research activities in the form of research and teaching in Higher Education, the publication of doctoral dissertations and organization of conferences mainly with a local/regional focus (e.g. the USA, Australia, Russia).

Research publications

Recent publications related to the teaching of Greek worldwide.

Working groups

Working groups within D.EL.EXO.

Research projects

Research projects in progress